Raising Funds Pre-term Project

Waters break b4 37wks



To work on a pre-term birth project and raise awareness of pprom, to help reduce the number of births before 37weeks and to save babies lives.

Reasons to donate,

1. Research helped me become a mum

2. Reduce the number of 1 to 4 down as much as possible

3. To help save babies lives 

I live in High Peak, with my beautiful Rainbow daughter Siobhan and my partner Phil  

We sadly loss our first baby in 2010 and in 2011 we were blessed with our daughter.

My reason behind the mission is that on the day I lost my first born a consultant asked me why did they not give you

a stitch, I went out of my way to find out more.

My promise to my first born, born sleeping was that I will help others and make a difference to maternity. 

About Me

Support welcome

1. Support by coming to events organised

2. Volunteer by helping sell tickets for events and promoting events.

Anyone wanting to help raise the money for this project please get in touch by email

Running the London Marathon too, one other reason why to sponsor or donate to this project and many other runs and challenges to do :)